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Derry Opera House Cleaning Checklist

NOTE: We rely on all renters to clean the facility after each use, following this checklist, as one means of keeping rental costs low. We don’t have daily custodial service to do this work for us (or for you). Improper cleaning will result in forfeiture of your damage and cleaning deposit.

For a printable copy of this list (Click Here)

  1. Pick up paper, trash, debris, drink bottles, etc.
  2. Sweep all the stairs (lobby stairs, balcony stairs and back green room stairs) and the balcony floor-tiers with a straight broom. Pick up sweepings with a dust-pan and broom.
  3. Vacuum all bare-wood floors (Opera House, Upper Lobby, Stage, Green Room) and vinyl tile floors (Concession Area, Dressing Rooms).
  4. Vacuum all carpeted floors (Lower Lobby, Stage Door entry way) with the upright vacuum.
  5. Clean any drink spills (sticky-spots) with paper towels (or sponge) and warm water. For more extensive spills, use a mop and bucket.
  6. Clean the dressing room counter-tops with spray cleaner. Remove all make-up stains.
  7. Clean any make-up stains on the Dressing Room floors using spray cleaner
  8. Remove all trash to the RED dumpster, located adjacent to the rear of the building. Do NOT use the GREEN / BLUE dumpster in the parking lot that belongs to the apartment buildings. Take any cardboard home with you. Take any construction debris, furniture, and such home with you.
  9. Replace the plastic liners (trash bags) in all the trash barrels and wastepaper baskets.
  10. Upon load-out, remove all props, set construction materials, paint, make-up, costume hangers, and other production materials from the premises. Look in all the corners back stage and in the custodial closet for anything you may have left behind.
  11. Upon load-out, remove all spike tape from the stage, as well as any screws you might have driven into the stage, or other back stage woodwork. 

Thank you, so much, for helping to keep the Opera House neat and clean for the next renter, just as you would expect to find it when you load-in. 

  • During the Winter months please wash the salt off our Wood Floors and Vacuum the carpets. A mop, bucket, and Wet Floor Signs are located in the back closet in the Opera House level cleaning closet.
  • Check-in with the Theatre Support Staff Member that is checking you out. You may need to help us change the cyc curtain. Please have three to four volunteers available to assist us. We expect all groups to assist in this so when you move in next your cyc choice is ready to go.
  • The Production Manager (Owner or Appointee) must complete a full walk-through with our Staff Member in order to return keys and be eligible for your damage deposit return.